Back in 2015, Epom Apps burst forth upon the scene as monetization platform for mobile apps. Since the epic creation story, we’ve been on a mission to provide app developers with everything they need for high-paid app monetization from every place in the Globe. Starting with SDK integration and up to daily optimization, our team stands by app developers at every stage of ad mediation and revenue generating.
2B+ monthly served impressions

Our values

Personal approach

App developers are the core of everything that we do. That's why we customize our monetization solution to any specific needs and personally сare about every ad opportunity to help app developers move their apps from good to great.

Making monetization simple

We're sure that monetization should stick to being a simple yet sustainable revenue-driving opportunity for app developers. We take ad mediation off app developer's shoulders and automate monetization to the max.

Being the part of the community

We believe networking brings a way better understanding of the industry from the inside. With our HQ located in Kyiv, we travel around the world to meet our partners, visit conferences, and join the global community of talented developers who create outstanding apps.

Living Mobile

As a team of mobile addicted peers we always keep our eyes and ears wide open. We aspire for enhancing Epom Apps with the foremost features and mobile innovations for successful app monetization.

User-first advertising

While being passionately committed to your success, we stand for the positive user experience. That's why we keep showing only high-quality ads in volumes and places where they don't interrupt users’ in-app activities and meet their customers’ interest.

Our team

Meet people standing by our mutual success
Pavel Shysh Epom Apps team Pavel Shysh CTO
Anna Pozniak Epom Apps team Anna Pozniak CMO
Olena Varych Epom Apps team Olena Varych Head of Accounting

Our locations

Headquartered in Kyiv, Ukraine, Epom Apps operates globally and provides 24/7 support that is guaranteed by the dedicated work of our team
Kyiv, Ukraine 01001 Irynynska Street 5/24 contact us