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Epom Apps released Rewarded Videos

tips, company news November 02, 2017  •  10 min read

Rewarded videos proved to be one of the most popular and profitable mobile ad formats for both advertisers and app owners. The latest eMarketer survey in Europe and North America has shown that over 40% of respondents considered rewarded video as acceptable ad format comparing to banners, interstitial videos or even native ads. There are obvious reasons for that. Rewarded video means that user who had engaged with video and watched it till the end would get an in–app reward in form of a real value in every specific application. Julie Shumaker, co–chair of IAB Game Committee, mentioned that 81% of all mobile players prefer reward ads. Rewarded videos are performing well both for gaming apps and non–gaming apps. Epom Apps team cares about the value which all developers get after launching ads in their apps. The additional increase in user engagement and revenues – here's what you can enjoy now with rewarded videos. Try them out at Epom Apps platform to see how easy and efficient reward advertising might be.

A few tips before you start

While looking for a profitable and painless way of monetization for your app, you will find rewarded videos among the best and high–paid in–app ad formats. There are few highlights you need to know before implementing rewarded videos in your app.

your app
  1. Make sure you are adding rewarded video to the right place. Ads shouldn't interrupt user's activity or stay out their attention.
  2. Show your users that you respect their time and choice. Let them decide to continue interaction with your app after engaging or just quit.
  3. Turn your reward into something precious for the user. Make it essential in some particular moment. For example, when the user needs to prolong his virtual life, get a hint or unlock new content. Give your reward immediately, and users will appreciate that.
  1. After discovering the magic power of rewarded videos it would be difficult to stop. But let's care about users. Try not to show rewarded videos too often. Best practices show that the most optimal way to keep ads non–intrusive is to show them for 4–6 times to each unique user per day.
  2. Choose few demand sources and run their ads in rotation throughout the app. Such advertising strategy will give you a chance to increase both fill rate and revenues.

Don't worry if these hints seem complicated at a glance. With Epom Apps platform you will reach highest possible payouts and 100% fill rate after adding our SDK to your app. Also, Epom Apps team will suggest you the most relevant content and best places for rewarded video ads.

So what are the main advantages of a rewarded videos?

  1. Rewarded videos manage to increase retention rate and user loyalty. Due to the recent AdColony research players who agree to view an ad have 28% longer sessions in the app.
  2. Advertisers know the value of good video traffic. That's why demand sources and agencies are ready to pay higher eCPM rates for video ads comparing to standard banners or native ad units. Don't hesitate to ask for more!
  3. Nowadays life becomes more and more digital. People spend hours with smartphones in their hands without even noticing this. Well designed and useful video content increases users engagement and creates extra value to your app.
  4. The majority of in–app users are not willing to make purchases. Reward ads give an opportunity to monetize users who don't make IAP.
  5. The third part of mobile publishers' revenues comes from video advertising. In 2017 rewarded videos made a big buzz and achieved record–breaking 48% in eCPMs growth.
rewarded video

When it comes to launching rewarded videos in your app, lots of things have to be thought over. Attention to details and the right balance between publisher' and user' interest will lead to users loyalty, new advertisers and steadily growing revenues. Hurry up and cut a luscious piece from this cake. Create your account at Epom Apps platform and get our rewarded videos on board right now.


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