App Monetization Strategies: An Inside Look wave

App Monetization Strategies: An Inside Look

company news, tips September 20, 2017  •  7 min read

When it comes to in-app ad monetization strategy, there are a plenty of options for app developers to choose. However, just a few of them are familiar with the most efficient and profitable ones. There are strategies that an app developer can use - manual monetization, ad mediation, or app monetization platform. So, what are the con's and pro's of each of them? We are going to uncover them below.

Manual Ad Network Monetization

Manual management of individual ad networks requires a lot of resources. App developer has to monitor placement performance by himself or hire an entire in-house monetization team that will constantly audit the effectiveness of campaigns. There are too many demand sources and too many ad networks. However, none of single ad networks will solve all of publisher's problems. Especially, if you use multiple ad formats and have to choose different ad networks to serve them. This might be complicated to find the right balance between various networks.

However, the biggest drawback of working with numerous ad networks is ineffective general approach to monetization that leads to lower revenue. Managing multiple ad networks can be difficult from the technical side, as well as, from the perspective of insufficient experience.

Monetization Through Ad Mediator

Ad mediation has become a popular tool for developers in their app monetization strategy and there is a good reason for that. Ad mediation allows developers to run ads in their application from multiple demand sources. Thus, the ad requests are sent to various ad networks and demand side will compete for your impressions. The competition arises, the eCPM arises, and, finally, revenue for publisher arises as well.

All-in-all, this is just a good instrument for app publisher that simplifies the monetization process. Afterwards, an app developer has to do everything by himself - set up the campaigns, waterfall tags in order to sell remnant inventory, choose the ad networks and mediate them. Publisher has also to keep in mind that optimization of ad campaigns is totally his responsibility. This can be rather stressful, especially for those who are newcomers in this process.

The results of monetization using mediation are much better that using a single ad network, however a publisher does not reach maximum effectiveness.

Smart Ad Mediation as the Most Profitable Monetization Method

The most effective and the most profitable way of monetization is smart ad mediation with app monetization platforms, and Epom Apps heads its list. Apart from the advanced technologies, the company handles all the monetization processes by themselves.

It has a number of direct sales, established relationships with agencies, as well as exclusive agreements & rates with advertisers on audience purchase. This is a day-to-day objective of app monetization team: to analyze the campaigns and to scale them up. Mediation between ad networks, choosing the right advertiser that fits your requirements and brings most revenue, suggesting publishers top-performing placements - all these things are just the top of the iceberg of what Epom Apps does.

The company constantly participates in global industry events embracing the latest trends and acquiring trusted partners. The mix of relevant market expertise, mediation technology, and precise matching algorithm helps Epom Apps to generate revenue from numerous applications of various categories.

Epom Team has worked with thousands of developers in hundreds of apps to help them build successful businesses. Trust us with your app monetization and be sure we won't let you down.

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