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Epom Apps: The Appmediation Alternative to Try

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The industry of mobile advertising is vibrant and fast-changing. App developers, striving for monetization, put 20+ SDKs to their app in hope that at least one of them will drive bigger revenue. The decent number of Epom Apps new customers switched from Appmediation for a reason. Appmediation monetization platform is shutting down mid-April and hundreds of app developers are now searching for the quick and easy-to-implement alternatives.

App Monetization Alternatives in the Market

Despite the fact that the app monetization market is overcrowded, there aren't many app monetization platforms that completely fit the needs of EVERY app developer. AdMob has no room for flexibility or custom approach, and once you have an issue which requires the assistance of the support team, you better don't expect the quick reply. Although they have the ad mediation, you still need to optimize your waterfall line by yourself which requires lots of manual work.

If you feel frustrated with the existing app monetization solutions, Epom Apps is here to help app developers with a better alternative. If you don't want to use standard solution, but get higher payouts and assistance on every step of your app monetization process, Epom apps will help you earn maximum revenue.

What is Epom Apps?

Epom Apps is a FREE all-in-one monetization platform for app developers. We connect applications with demand side to help them get higher revenues and performance and monetize application through ads with minimum UX interruption and no user irritation. We have exclusive direct advertisers: combined with our engaging ad formats, they drive maximum performance, providing over 95% fill rate worldwide.

What are the benefits of using Epom Apps for app developers?

Every app monetization platform that you face must be thoroughly investigated further. Here's a brief list of benefits Epom Apps has to offer to exceed app developers' expectations:

  • 200+ demand partners and direct advertisers;
  • Over 95% fill rate worldwide;
  • Guaranteed revenue increase up to 30%;
  • Unified stats to control multiple demand sources;
  • Automated optimization;
  • High-performing ad formats;
  • Waterfall is set up by our experts;
  • Aggregated payment from multiple ad networks.

And more

The Epom Apps team has helped kickstart more than 1200 Android apps, all while handling and outperforming their in-app monetization. If you don't want to use the standard solution, seek for the custom approach and expert help to boost your revenue, read how exactly we can reach your revenue goals.

Epom Apps Ad Mediation: How do I monetize my app?

Get Everything in a Single SDK

If you partner with only one ad network and it has a 45-60% fill rates, it means that you are undertaking a significant amount of your ad revenue. App owners are using up to 20+ different SDKs to see which ad network will work best for them. They forget to delete them even if ad networks bring them close to ZERO revenue. Epom Apps offers a unified solution that gives you access to most ad networks through one SDK and get near 100% fill rate.

Convertible Ad Formats

High-performing ad formats are crucial when it comes to app revenue. If the users see but do not interact with the ad then you cannot make money. Epom Apps offers the best-paying ad formats that have a proven record of driving highest revenue to app owners: smart banner, full-screen interstitial, native and rewarded videos.

Convertible Ad Formats

Smart banner dynamically adjusts to the size and orientation of the mobile screen. They detect device's screen size and orientation and make the ad view of the appropriate size.
Native ads are considered to deliver the best ad experience while being accurately built into the website feed.
Mobile interstitials are the full-screen ads that cover the app content. It can be displayed between the certain activities or between any other action when a user is ready to click on the ad. It usually results in high ad performance and eCPMs.
Rewarded videos are ads that have been shown to a user in the exchange of the reward in utility/game.

Our experts can help you choose the appropriate placements for your ads to integrate them organically into your existing user flow.

Save time, budgets and resources

The toughest part of any revenue optimization is balancing between establishing high eCPMs, 90%, and higher fill rates and the diversity of the ads shown. To app developer, it means A HUGE TIME INVESTMENT that doesn't necessarily result in higher app revenue. In Epom Apps, the entire process of optimization and setting up of the waterfall is handled by our experienced team. No manual work, no hassle, no pain.

Instant Support from Personal Manager

Epom Apps support team is something we are really proud of. Every app owner gets his tailored concierge app support who knows all the app KPIs and motivated to provide you the highest ad revenue. Get expert help on every stage of your app integration and drive your success forward together. Every app monetization expert from our support team is aimed at driving you maximum revenue so that your app could complement our 480+ successful case studies.

Direct Deals with Advertisers

Our most valued benefit is the unique partnerships with advertisers which make Epom Apps not just the best Appsmediation alternative, but a gem in the mobile market. Besides the top-world ad networks and demand partners, we cooperate with local agencies and direct advertisers and sign up exclusive agreements. This helps us improve waterfall competition and offer CPM rates for publishers as there are no intermediaries.

GDPR compliance

You'll be surprised, but fraud is not a ghost concern to the majority of ad networks. However, not all of them are able to protect themselves appropriately — third-party malware detection mechanisms require additional expenses. At Epom Apps, we take user safety very seriously. On top of that, we have a strict policy on protecting our user data. Our mediation solution is 100% compliant with the latest regulations on data protection.

Ready to Boost your Ad Revenue with Global Demand? We are here to help! Integrate Epom SDK in minutes and switch to better app monetization without interrupting your revenue flow.

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