Epom Apps: the AdMob alternative you'll enjoy wave

Epom Apps: the AdMob alternative you'll enjoy

company news, tips September 18, 2017  •  5 min read

Google may be the biggest player in in-app advertising, but there are new and emerging AdMob alternatives that have a lot to offer. Launched in 2015, Epom Apps excels where AdMob falls short. Our solution improves monetization experience by providing you with an end-to-end service and a platform that's truly simple to manage.

Instead of having to tinker with ad mediation setup and campaign optimization, our clients can delegate these processes to our monetization specialists. By taking the work off developers' shoulders, Epom Apps is a handy alternative, that enables them to focus on what they can do best — perfecting their apps.

If you're thinking about switching to an AdMob alternative, there are five reasons to consider Epom Apps.

Mediation-first platform

Let's be frank, AdMob own mediation solution has room for improvement. In fact, it's more of an add-on feature for the AdMob ad network, and it certainly feels like one. Having to integrate networks one by one, in particular, is a tedious process.

Being a mediation-first platform, we connect you to thousands of high-paying advertisers from the moment you sign up. When monetizing your ad space with Epom Apps, you get not just on of AdMob alternatives, but an optimized mediation solution complete with a selection of 35 pre-integrated networks.

One dashboard to audit them all

In addition to shipping a readymade mediation solution, Epom Apps provides a handy alternative: the tool for monitoring ad placement results. We offer developers a unified dashboard with analytics - ad requests, number of impressions, fill-rates, eCPMs, and revenue generated.

The management of payouts is carried out in a similar manner. Epom Apps uses aggregate payouts, which means you no longer have to keep track of dozens of separate accounts and request separate payments from each network.

Hassle-free integration and setup

The integration of an online advertising solution seems like a trivial matter, but it has its pitfalls. So wouldn't it be better if we minimized the time you spend tinkering with mediation SDKs and adapters? That's exactly what Epom Apps is all about!

Once you've decided to give up AdMob & start monetize with Epom Apps and created an account, our team will handle most of setup-related details. All you need to do is to integrate our SDK following the manual, use the test keys in order to check whether you've done everything correctly. After the successful test, we provide you with live keys. That's it!

As a result, you get in-app monetization solution that works out of the box.

Top-tier ad networks with high-quality ads

Creating new partnerships with tier-one ad networks, direct advertisers and agencies is an essential part of what we do as a company. Our sales team is constantly establishing new partnerships with exclusive demand sources and exclusive rates for audience purchases.

This approach has yet another important advantage, making Epom Apps a decent alternative to AdMob. By tapping into our ever-expanding pool of advertisers, developers gain access to a diverse pool of ad formats and relevant ad content. Being integral to engaging user experience, ad quality is our primary focus.

Unmatched expertise

Founded in 2012, Epom is a team of advertising experts with years of experience. We've launched two successful products besides Epom Apps, and we've enabled thousands of clients to turn online advertising into a reliable revenue channel.

We have also amassed and analyzed terabytes of data on the performance of ad formats across geos, verticals, and platforms. We're putting this knowledge into action, helping developers build effective strategies of app monetization and optimize their revenue flows in near real time.

Market has dozens of AdMob alternatives to look after: just remember to complement your ad revenue demands with the proper ad mediation platform to get the revenue your app deserves.

Case study: B1

The archiver app for Android from B1 is one of the many cases that illustrate how Epom Apps can benefit developers.

With the bulk of its vast user base originating from North America, the app monetises its ad space via banners and interstitials. In the past, getting all of its demand via a single ad network allowed the B1 team to earn an average daily revenue of $300. Switching to Epom Apps and mediation in 2017 helped the app owners increase this figure by 50%, up to $450 per day.

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