How to Maximize Your App Revenue Over the Holidays? wave

How to Maximize Your App Revenue Over the Holidays?

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The winter season is almost here, and along with it, there comes an increase in the number of app installs. Don't wait until late December to roll out your holiday mobile user acquisition campaign, because lots of new and shiny devices have already met their new owners already in November. And their owners will be filling up their brand new smartphones with new apps.

Winter Holidays list for app promotion

How can you capitalize on the holiday season to get people to see and install your app, without getting lost in the swirl of competitors or racing you way to the bottom in a bidding war?

Preparation Stage

If you'd ask about the perfect time to start getting ready for the holiday season, the answer would be: at the beginning of October. YouAppi asked 533 US consumers when they start feeling the holiday spirit, and here's what they answered:

Time to start holiday theme in your app

Do holiday Keywords ASO

Dig into Google trends reports to discover which search terms customers are frequently using and update your keywords and game description according to what you discover.

Tools to use: Keywords Search Popularity Tool (for IOS),, Ubersuggest etc.

Benefit From Localization

75% of mobile users interact better with companies whose apps customize information to their location. App localization is not about simply translating the language of your app - it's a complete makeover, where the devil's usually in the details. Modify your creatives and app elements to the cultural differences of your target markets. Add festive screenshots in your app description and add country-specific details to your app. See how Balloon Paradise adjusted their app to the Indian market:

customize app information due to location

Target Wisely

You can't beat the giants who allocate huge budgets to promote their apps, but you can set precise criteria to target your audience at a lower cost. Consider your holiday sales or premium subscription discounts way before the main buzz. Don't limit your target at simply attracting just new app users, target the existing audience as well and encourage them to continue using your app - it'll bring you more revenue in the long run.

Add Holiday Decor to App Elements & Your Microsite

Prepare a couple of minor features to roll out during the holiday season and update your app to reflect the festive spirit of the holiday season.

festive holiday decor of app

Prepare Special Offers for Each Holiday

Think over a variety of incentives to download your app: present special holiday deals on your app profile in Google Play or App Store, social media channels and your website.

If the biggest app discount is on December 25th, make sure you don't repeat it in February. Your app value rises when users know that the lowest price happens once a year: you attract new users and stimulate the existing ones to extend their subscription pack. Plan your discount and special offers policy, don't give random 50% discounts, and prepare retargeting campaigns for users who've interacted with your app but never did in-app purchases (if you have it).

Do Bug Checking in Advance

The holidays come with a lot of traffic. Make sure your app will handle the rapid user growth and test your updates before the actual release. New users rarely write good reviews when the app functions properly, but a single bug can cause real drama & a drop in app ratings.

Advertising Stage

App Annie's report predicted that in 2018, consumers worldwide would spend 30% more money on apps. India and Brazil continue their rapid growth in Android app use, while both the Apple and Google Play stores spotted a huge mainstream interest in AR technologies.

If you want to get the most out of holidays and boost your paid app or in-app purchases, you need to adjust your marketing strategy to get higher user retention and app monetization. Embrace the holidays, create hype and change the social media ad creatives. You can develop a dynamic pricing scale for an app during the holiday season. Change the price based on how users are interacting with your app and their specific needs.

Getting Featured in Tech Media

The media loves to cover New Year's app sales, value deals or "10 Apps that Will Change Your Life". November is the best time to make your pitch to the press describing your app's coolest features and the time to get your app on the pages of the top media sites.

Think over your positioning: there's no need to offer your app at the lowest possible price to the readers of The Next Web or Inc — they love to test new stuff and are usually ready to pay if you offer them real value.

Take Part in App Bundles

App bundles are a good idea if you have the utility app, however, it also works with gaming apps. Bundles allow users to save on a particular app and get more apps at a reduced price. Carefully choose your topic and neighborhood — being among scummy apps won't drive quality users to you.

Offer your app bundle to websites like HumbleBundle or Mac Bundles (for IOS)

app bundle for effective app promotion

Create App Referral Program

A referral campaign is a perfect holiday app marketing tool to drive up user acquisition and boost your reach with lower acquisition costs. A new user costs a lot but creating a powerful incentive for your existing users can drive additional downloads. In this case, users are app ambassadors who can share the app with their family and friends, getting rewards for every download (eg. premium feature for free, additional game items).

uber referral mobile pop up

Test New Advertising Channels

While app downloads increase exponentially during the holiday season, you can maximize your ad efforts, and get new relevant users at a lower price. Take the road less traveled: instead of only sticking to the best-performing ad networks, spend 10-15% of your advertising budget on experiments. Particularly, keep an eye on Pinterest & Snapchat.

Being the most mobile-centered social network for inspiration, Pinterest can attract exactly the audience you need. Snapchat, the multimedia messaging app, rolled out a deep linking feature for app install ads. It helps app owners drive traffic to a specific app section by targeting users who have already interacted with an app. For example, a game app developer can target players who completed a certain game level. It makes Snapchat a perfect tool for retargeting.

Monetization Tips

Holidays lead to an increase in sales for every app developer. When you gain a thorough understanding of the user's interaction with your app, you can maximize the revenue from each user before he drops off your app.

A smart in-app monetization strategy is vital if you want to give the most value to your new and existing users during the holidays, and also if you want to earn more from your app. Here are monetization tips that will help you to better monetize your app, while keeping users engaged.

Data Monetization

Data monetization is the process of gathering, analyzing, transferring, and the segmentation of non-personal information about app users. For app developers, this is an alternative opportunity to capitalize on users without any additional efforts. It works quite easily: you add one lightweight SDK, prepare a user consent form, and after the user agrees to share his non-personal data, you transfer it to the data collector. Data collectors don't gather sensitive or private information. As a result, all users stay anonymous and protected.

Data Monetization SDK is perfectly compatible with other SDKs, takes place in the background and doesn't affect the app usage. The more DAU/MAU you have, the higher payouts you'll earn every month.

Rewarded Videos

When it comes to tried and true mobile ad monetization formats, the rewarded videos are always on the top of the monetization pyramid. Applied wisely, rewarded videos will drive steady revenue to you while keeping users engaged. Analyze the user flow of your app and place the rewarded video between the levels, home screen, in-game hints and everywhere where it will look appropriate. But be sure not to choose more than 2-3 placements.


The App Store and Google Play encourage app developers to use the subscription model for a good reason. Despite the reduction of their fees, the subscription model is a natural user retainer and steady revenue driver. Rewarded videos and in-app purchases are still the choice of the vast majority of app developers, but the popularity of the subscription model will be growing over time.

Despite the heavy competition in the app market during the holiday season, your app will still be able to get the growth and be profitable. Keep your existing user base active by pairing your app promotion efforts with good engagement tips.

Users are ready to spend more on holidays, so think about how your app can justify these expenses and exceed user expectations. Keep tracking your in-app events, invest time and efforts in creating a seamless onboarding experience and re-engage your users with push-notifications and emails.

Want to get the most out of holiday season and maximize your app users to the fullest?

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