Ultimate Data Monetization Solution

Make the user’s data work for you. Monetize every single user without a UX interruption

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Why Should You Try Data Monetization?

App developers use data monetization to transform non-personal information about app users into revenue without any additional efforts

why data monetization is beneficial

Endless revenue stream

Data monetization is a stable and steadily growing revenue-driver. The more DAU/MAU you have, the higher your payouts will be every month

no UX harm

UX comes first

The data collection takes place in the background so the process of data monetization doesn’t affect the usage of the application

benefits of data monetization

Simple integration

The only thing that needs to be done before tapping into data monetization is the integration of 1 single SDK into your code

100% safety

100% safety

Regarding the environment of your app, data monetization is completely safe. It will not harm your existing SDKs and monetization model that you’ve applied before

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Calculate your monthly revenue

After you add our data monetization SDK to your app, we'll pay for 100% of both DAU and MAU who agreed to share their non-personal data


The estimated revenue for an app with basic permissions of Internet Access and Network Type added.


With more permissions included (i.e. Fine Location, Bluetooth) your earnings will grow.


The calculation takes your DAU & MAU for the US users. The monthly revenue may vary according to the geography of app users.

Data Safety

Epom Apps stands for the transparent digital ecosystem and complete database security

Google Play compliant
gdpr compliant
We do always ask for the user’s permission before collecting any data
With Epom Apps you can be 100% sure that all users data is protected
We don’t gather any private or sensitive information about users

Whom do you help with your data?

Let your data create a valuable online experience for both users and data buyers

data monetization Users
data monetization for advertisers Advertisers
data monetization or brands Brands
sms icon Mobile operators
data monetization for online services Online services
who may use data monetization Research institutes
solution for marketers Marketers and etc.

Epom Apps – Reliable monetization partner

We help app developers safely transform data into revenue

100% user's data monetization

We monetize 100% of users data

Direct partnerships with dozens of companies allow us to provide 100% of data monetization and also allows us to pay for all the user’s data that we receive

data monetization partners

No battery and memory consumption

Our SDK ensures zero battery and memory consumption throughout the entire process of data monetization

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We pay the highest CPMs for your data

By signing exclusive contracts with telecom companies, marketers, and research institutes, we provide our app developers with the highest payouts

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Simple-to-integrate solution

Once added to your app, Epom Apps data monetization solution will drive sustainable earnings for longer periods of time with no additional efforts expended

Reveal the power of data monetization and start earning more with your app

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