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Simple integration

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What's inside Epom Apps SDKs?

Epom Apps offers you a lightweight SDK that makes it extremely easy to proceed to monetizing your apps. Beside the SDK itself, inside you will find an integration manual, that will walk you through the setup process.

  • Download SDKs

    Download SDKs

    Android and iOS development kits include everything you need to start: SDK itself, sample application, and documentation.

  • Integrate


    Embed SDKs to your apps and configure them according to your needs. Integration Manual will back you up.

  • Start earning

    Start earning

    After a brief setup apps will be capable of serving ads. Placements will be filled with targeted ads, and apps will start generating revenue.

Download SDKs

Choose the platform your apps are running on and get the proper Epom Apps SDK


iOS 7.0 or later, including iOS 10.0

Integration Manual

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Android 1.6 or later, including Android 7.0

Integration Manual

Download Android SDK

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