Epom Apps
Policy for Developers


If the Developer starts using Epom Apps, they have acknowledged this Policy, as well as the Terms and Conditions, Insertion Orders, and other agreements the Developer has with Epom.

Epom has the right to amend this Policy from time to time at its sole discretion. The Developer will be notified of such changes via email, change notice, or a post on the Epom website. The continued use of the Service by the Developer shall mean the acceptance of such changes.


Developers using the Epom Apps service must display and follow an appropriate privacy policy. The policy should include a notice of user consent regarding data collection and sharing with third parties for advertising purposes, where necessary.

Any Personally Identifiable Information (PII) should not be included in such shared data.

Informational and privacy-related items shall be added to all interest-based native ads. Developers must not obscure and remove any opt-out elements, present on advertising creatives.

Developers must comply with all applicable privacy and data protection laws.

Restrictions on collection and use of information for children under 13 years

Developers using Epom Apps Service must comply with the Online Privacy Protection Act ("COPPA") in the collection and use of "Personal Information" (as defined by COPPA) from children under 13 years old, meaning 12 years and younger.

Developers must not register for Epom Apps Service if their apps are targeted to children under age 13 or knowingly collect information them.

Apps of developers must not ignore known user-based and device-based privacy settings.

Prohibited content

Only applications present in official application stores are eligible for the Epom Apps Services.

Applications containing the following materials are not allowed to participate in Epom Apps Service:
- Adult content
- Misleading and deceptive ads
- Copyrighted materials
- Counterfeit
- Drugs
- Endangered species products
- Hate content, violence, sensitive topics
- Spyware, malware
- Tobacco and related accessories
- Unauthorized ticket sales
- Weapons and related accessories

Restricted content

Developers must comply with existing laws and regulations regarding content categories restricted in general or by user age. The Developer must have relevant mechanisms to prevent such content from appearing in countries with such restrictions and from showing them to users below the required age.

For example, such content categories as:
- Alcohol
- Financial services
- Gambling
- Health and pharmaceutical products
- Political campaigning

Technical requirements

Enabling Epom Apps Services requires implementation of the Epom SDK in applications. The Developer must responsibly follow technical integration guidelines provided by Epom and must not change the SDK in any way.

Impressions and clicks on ads must be the result of real human user activity.

The Developer's content and application must not interfere with the operation of Epom Apps Service, end user's device, or otherwise create security or safety risk.

Financial confidentiality

Epom's pricing and other financial information the Developer may become aware of while using Epom Apps Service is considered confidential and must not be shared with any other party.

Termination right

Epom reserves the right to terminate the application from Epom Apps Service in case of suspected or established violation of policies, terms and conditions. Other applications of the same Developer may also be suspended for further investigation which may result in the termination of the Developer's account or refusal to approve future apps from this Developer.