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Beating the Giants:
Why Epom Apps Is a Worthy Alternative to Admob

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Kyrill Galona, Product Manager, Epom Apps

Admob is usually the very first stop for mobile app developers who tap into monetization with a freshly-released app. Most of them stay at that place for years waiting for an AdMob alternative worth trying. The truth is, the diamonds are not easy to see. Today we'll compare AdMob and Epom Apps to show you that giving a chance to a new platform may bring outstanding results.

"We use AdMob," I read in the email that has just arrived from Thailand. I'm not surprised as 9 out of 10 emails our team receives daily start with these words. Negotiations coming next show that mobile app developers are not ready to invest their time in trying out a new monetization solution, even the free one.

Back in 2006, AdMob burst out onto the market as a mobile advertising startup. After a complete acquisition by Google in 2010, the company has passed through some product changes and started its fast-paced growing. Today Admob remains the world's largest advertising platform serving over 40 billion mobile banners monthly.

For smaller app monetization platforms, it's not always easy to compete with industry giants like AdMob. We have to build trust with our partners from scratch, proving again and again that we can help them earn more. App developers, in turn, lose a lot while refusing to switch to AdMob alternatives. First of all, they miss an extra earnings coming from platforms with stronger ad solutions and wider demand.

That's why I decided to review Epom Apps and AdMob in terms of integration, setup, fill rate, eCPM rates, and demand. I hope that such a comparison will help app developers to easier agree to monetization tests.

In a nutshell, Epom Apps vs. AdMob collation can be highlighted in this way:

Epom Apps vs Admob

Looking deeper, here is what we have.

Setup. Both platforms require adding SDK to the app's code. Comparing to AdMob, Epom Apps minimizes the distance between developers and app monetization itself. After implementing Epom Apps SDK, your personal monetization manager from our side will connect your app to the most suited and high-paid demand.

In this case, the developer overjumps the time-consuming process of creating ad spaces for ad units.

After integration, AdMob requires a bunch of settings (read: extra hassle) to be done. Users have to manually connect to every demand source, manage mediation and always keep an eye on the performance. All in all, ad mediation with AdMob is complicated especially for those who launch in-app ads for the first time.

The main difference between Epom Apps and AdMob lies in the simplified mediation process. Epom team takes ad management and mediation off the developer's shoulders. We maintain ad mediation, performance, and optimization.

After getting the first results, we continue assisting developers to help them make the most of every ad request.

Demand. By integration with AdMob, mobile apps get access to multiple demand sources in AdMob dashboard. The platform automatically chooses ads to be displayed in the app. The ad with the highest bid and relevant content wins impression.

By signing up for Epom Apps, you'll access unmatched global demand that includes AdMob's ads too. App developers need to understand one important thing: switching to Epom Apps doesn't mean you won't have a chance to run Admob's ads. Epom Apps opens up more than 25 exclusive demand sources in addition to AdMob's demand.

What also differs us from AdMob is our direct partnerships with both global and local advertisers and brands.

Fill Rate. When it comes to monetization, app developers opt for competitive eCPMs, high fill rate, and brand safe demand. While AdMob serves ads globally, the fill rate in particular geos stays low. That's why for apps with a most of inventory coming from specific countries it is somewhat challenging to overcome 60% fill.

One of our partners, Guns app, switched to Epom Apps after monetization with AdMob. Guns's top geos are Brazil, United States, Mexico, Russia, and India. For the first three weeks with Epom Apps, the app increased fill rate by 45% and reached a record 95%.

Epom Apps high fill rate

AudioDroid had a way better situation with a 76% fill rate. Nevertheless, the app developer believed he could earn more. After integrating Epom Apps SDK, he boosted his fill rate by 20% and gained 96%.

Epom Apps and Admob fill rate comparison

Before sending all your impressions to AdMob look for alternative platforms with strong positions in your region. At the least, start with running ads from a few platforms simultaneously and compare the results.

CPMs. AdMob uses an ad auction to automatically select the ads that will appear on your pages from all available ad sources. Generally, ads with the highest bid will be shown to the user.

On the Epom Apps side, we do not only analyze the advertiser's bids and category. We match apps with ads that fit editorial content, audience, and design in the best possible way.

We also build a chain of ads sending the first impressions to the best-matching demand partners which usually appears to be one of our direct advertisers. Direct relations with local companies and brands allow us to beat the prices offered by agencies and other affiliates.

Referring to our latest experience, we've managed to increase eCPM by 37% for AudioDroid app during the first two weeks of monetization.

Epom Apps as the best alternative to Abmob

Payouts. When mediating ad sources with AdMob, publisher has to control dozens of accounts and request payments from separate networks. This process can take a lot of time. On top of that, payments from different partners arrive at different dates.

After analyzing our partner's feedback we've tapped into the so-called "aggregated payments." Epom Apps pays publishers their full regular payment at once and at a stated date.

Personal Team. Our team is wholeheartedly dedicated to our partner's success. We aim at turning app monetization into 100% hassle-free process. Our skilled managers assist app developers with SDK integration, optimize ad campaigns, add new demand to the app and help with any advertising-related questions.

"We take care of monetization," our motto says, and our team works tirelessly to help app developers get the most of every single impression.

Surprise yourself of how much more results you can drive with monetization team that cares.

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