10 Key Takeaways & Full Recording of the Webinar wave

10 Key Takeaways & Full Recording of the Webinar

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On October, 23, we hosted the live webinar "Ways to earn more with your free app". Our App Monetization & Marketing Expert Nina Bohush revealed the best-working monetization strategies for free apps. We jotted down 10 noteworthy thoughts that would help you elevate your in-app monetization and give a real boost to your mobile app. Spoiler: scroll down to access the full recording of the webinar.

  1. Today users spend about 3 hours per day browsing different apps. Compared to other publishers, app developers have the highest chances to capitalize on consumers.
  2. In 2017 over 65% of developers with their apps featured in stores preferred monetization with ads to any other monetization strategies.
  3. Smart banners, native ads, full-screen interstitials, and rewarded videos deliver the best results in terms of revenue and performance. Smart banners can drive up to 40% higher CPM rates compared to standard mobile banners.
  4. Ad mediation still results in higher CPM rates and fill rates. The more demand partners you have in your ad mediation system - the better.
  5. Only 5% of users spend money on in-app purchases. Asian consumers spend up to 40% MORE in apps compared to users from other regions.
  6. In-app subscriptions are used by video and audio streaming apps, cloud services, fitness apps, and online magazines. If your app belongs to one of those, give subscriptions a try.
  7. If you want to convert near-100% of your active users, start monetizing your app with ads, or with any of the following app monetization strategies:
    • Crowdfunding;
    • Partnerships with advertisers & brands;
    • Collaborations with other apps;
    • Donations;
    • Data Monetization.
  8. Data monetization drives tremendous results when done right. Once implemented, it requires minimum further efforts.
  9. Ads and data monetization can be run simultaneously. Two SDKs won't compete with each other.
  10. Data monetization deals with non-personal data only. All users stay anonymous and protected. Data monetization is fully compliant with the GDPR policy.

Hear more valuable insights, case studies & easy-to-undertake ideas in the full webinar recording!

Got a question? Feel free to reach Nina, the host of the webinar, at n.pavliuk@epom.com

Epom Apps team will be happy to assist you with any queries related to in-app ads or data monetization at apps@epom.com

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