Rewarded Video for Non-Gaming Apps Best practices

Benefit from the exciting format that delights users and offers new engagement opportunities. Earn a steady revenue stream by delivering value to users: give them content, points or other virtual goods in exchange for watching video ads.


How to improve your ad integration and make the most of it in short?

The Epom mobile monetization team prepared key points in rewarded video implementation for publishers. Keep them in mind if you want to boost your revenue in no time:

  • "Try before buy" model
  • Unlock special features with virtual currency
  • Solve user’s pain

1. "Try before buy" model If your app features a paid option (eg "premium access"), give users the opportunity to experience it at no cost. As soon as they try the premium version, they won't be satisfied with the free one. This trick may turn your users into paying customers in the future; moreover it will keep them satisfied with their experience in your app.

This monetization strategy is widely used among service & communications apps that provide free top-level features in the limited period of time.


2. Unlock special features with virtual currency Users who are not willing to pay for certain app features are more than ready to view a rewarded video ad in order to unlock them.

Dating app and social apps can use rewarded video to leverage their ad revenue. Users can watch an ad in exchange for bonuses that can unlock special features like upgrading personal account and seeing who has viewed your profile.


3. Solve user's pain Some users want a feature which the app does not provide. If the development of it will cost less than the expected income, consider offering it. Users may be perfectly willing to have it in exchange for watching a rewarded video ad.

VPN, a free app which protects your privacy & identity and allows you to browse the web anonymously without fear of being tracked by any government or Internet Service Providers.

Users decide when they want to view the ads and earn ad free minutes through rewarded videos. They don’t get interrupted or irritated by unexpected ads as long as you've earned enough ad free time.

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