Rewarded Video for Game Apps Best practices

This article is aimed at helping mobile app publishers get the most from rewarded video ads. Discover how to get the best possible eCPMs with great examples of rewarded video ad placements.


Gain 100% visibility and exceptional user experience

The rewarded videos increase retention, revenue, and in-app purchase for the publishers if you think how the ad will fit into the flow of your game. We have put together some core information that you should keep in mind during rewarded video implementation in order to reach maximum revenue potential.

Framework of a rewarded video ad

  • Non-intrusive ad placement.
  • Short video ad format (max 15 sec).
  • Non-skippable video.
  • Always-on sound.

General Recommendations Here is a brief checklist about things you should consider while preparing your app to rewarded videos.

The Epom Apps team will assist you in every single point: from the app analytics to choosing the very best placements for your ad revenue.

Choose non-intrusive ad placement

Yeah, we draw your attention to this again. Do not use placements that interrupt the natural flow of the app experience. Check user experience in your analytics data to avoid diminishing returns. Place video in the storefronts (the most common placement), the start of gameplay for a booster bonus, end of gameplay for an extra life etc.

Offer a valuable reward

Define the most engaging part of the game and think what feature (extra life, battery charge etc) users would want to get most.

Do user segmentation

Offer different type of reward to each group. For example, if you deal with a new user, your aim is deeper engagement, so give him an option to unlock a new game level.

Monitor each rewarded video ad placement

If it doesn’t generate any revenue, consider moving it to a different part of the game where it’s frequently accessible. Remember, the format should be non-intrusive: The best way is to place it at the end if the level, give an extra life or game treasure reward.

Do placement capping & pacing

Limit the amount of ads you serve and take control over the time interval between ads for the selected placement.

Mix rewarded videos with interstitials to increase your overall revenue per user per session.

Ad Placement Recommendations Rewarded video ads could best fit in:

1. Home screen

It ensures extremely high visibility. This placement is good for capturing attention of new players or those who may never navigate to the store. The ad may be inserted after user completes a level and returns to home screen.

Home screen

3. Daily reward multiplier

The placement offers a daily reward for coming back to the game every day. It is extremely engaging for returning users: you may offer them to double their earnings every day and increase DAU.

Daily reward multiplier

5. Progress saving

Instead of “game over” screen, offer player a chance to re-start from their failure location. It’s another very high engagement location and players are happy to get the opportunity to try again.

Progress saving

7. Energy and life renewal

Assuming your game has life or energy mechanic, players need that to complete certain tasks. When energy is wasted, offer them an option to watch a video for more energy or relive which keeps them engaged longer.

Energy and life renewal

2. Game store

One of the most popular rewarded placements. It’s a great way to monetize players who don’t want to spend real life dollars in a store. It’s also somewhat hidden and some players without intention to spend may never navigate here.

Game store

4. The level complete reward

Engage your players at the end of the mission with a double reward from watching a video upon completion. This high- engagement location is suitable for each user category — from newbies to pros.

The level complete reward

6. Give some hints

Users need them to move forward in the arcade game. Ask your players to engage with ads to learn valuable secret tips plus the strategies will help players stick around for more gameplay.

Give some hints

8. Decrease the wait time

Users get irritated about games with waiting periods to play so offer them to watch an ad to speed it up. It decreases waiting frustration and keeps the players in the game longer.

Decrease the wait time

Ready to earn more from your games? Implementing rewarded video ads in your game offers a huge opportunity
to deliver a seamless ad experience that players want to engage with.

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